IPC participated in the working program with HAMI and representatives of Neidersachsen State, Hannover City, Germany.

On the afternoon of November 14th 2022, representatives of IPC participated in a working program between the Hanoi Association of Main Industries – HAMI and the representatives of Neidersachsen state, Hannover city, Germany.

The working program between HAMI Association and Neidersachsen State is the result of previous work programs led by Mr. Nguyen Cong Cuong – Vice President of HAMI who connected and promoted diplomatic relations. Neidersachsen state is located in northwestern Germany, with an area of over 47,600 square kilometers (the second largest after Bayern state) with a population of nearly 8 million people, ranking 4th out of 16 states in Germany. Neidersachsen state is located in an area favorable for the development of renewable energy, wind energy and solar energy, each year it provides up to 30% of electricity for the whole of Germany. Besides, there are strengths such as automobile manufacturing, machine fabricating, information technology, automation…

Representative of IPC Group, one of the distinguished guests of the program, also exchanged and expressed his desire to cooperate with Neidersachsen state in the  renewable energy sector. IPC Group has been participating in the renewable energy market with more than 12 years of experience, IPC is one of the few enterprises in Vietnam capable of engineering, fabricating, manufacturing as well as installing steel structures for factories, plants and traffic works, buildings … to meet domestic and export markets.

In the context that the export market to Europe is facing many difficulties, HAMI’s international trade promotion program has opened up new opportunities for enterprises producing mechanical products. This is one of the efforts of the Standing HAMI Association in accompanying members to overcome difficulties.

Mr. Pham Quy Trong – Assistant to CEO of IPC E&C, Representative of IPC Group presented the Group’s capacity and desire to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners in renewable energy sector, especially offshore wind power.

The working program between the Hanoi Association of Main Industries (HAMI) and the representatives of Neidersachse State, Hannover City, Germany took place successfully. With the motto “Cohesion – Pioneering”, HAMI Association has been continuing to seek opportunities for cooperation and development with its members in the upcoming time.


15/11/2022    IPC E&C

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